Top 10 Things To Know Before Purchasing Fitted Wardrobes


Thinking to purchase a built-in wardrobe? Here are several things you will need to know to make the most of your bespoke wardrobe.

fitted wardrobes

1. Budget Flexibility

Fitted wardrobes are available in an excellent choice of companies offering products of varying price ranges. There are the big retailers where you can typically get cheaper, mass-marketed bespoke wardrobes, and there are also fitted furniture specialists, like London Bespoke Interiors.

There are many affordable choices with decent designs and qualities, but if you do have the budget, you can get a fully-customised wardrobe from a specialist company, that will perfectly fit your space and style preferences. So, you can always make the most of your money will all the different choices available.


2. It’s a Long-Term Investment

Many people avoid investing in bespoke furniture and wardrobes due to the fact that they can’t take the wardrobe when moving to another house.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose the value of a bespoke furniture with the house, in fact, many home buyers are will to pay a premium for proper pieces of furniture, and especially storage.


3. Maximising Space

We all know that fitted wardrobes are all about getting more space. You can fit the wardrobe exactly to the full height and width of the room, depending on your needs, but the benefit doesn’t stop there.

If you have an otherwise unused space below your stairs, or if you have a tight corner in your bedroom, you can fully customise the wardrobe to maximise these spaces.


4. Future-Proof Your Choice

If you are investing in a bespoke wardrobe, chances are, you will use it for at least a few years in the future. So, it is important to have a future-proof design, as well as long-lasting material choices. You can begin by finalising the colour palette choice of your bedroom so that you can mix and match the furniture.

If budget and time allow, you can choose a furniture company that can also assist you through all the processes, from initial conception to design to installation. It might be costly, but it will save you from unnecessary (and even more costly) mistakes.


5. Choosing The Right Furniture Company Is Your Most Important Step

We have addressed how there are so many different options available where you can make your fitted wardrobe purchase, so, choosing the right company is very important. Arguably, the old-school way of asking friends and family for recommendations is still the best. If you like a friend’s house or their pieces of furniture, chances are, you will like their company recommendation.

Also, in this digital era, you can always check for online reviews. People don’t usually leave reviews for their furniture companies, so when they do, you can always be sure that they are very satisfied (or terribly disappointed), so it can help you with a proper judgment. Look for online directory sites like Houzz where you can check for online reviews.


6. Fitting The Fitted Wardrobe To A Room

More often than not, the built-in wardrobe will be the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. So, especially if it’s a new house, it is wise to around decorating your room before the fitting process. This way, you can get the perfect measurement for the wardrobe.

However, some bespoke wardrobe models don’t come with backs and sides. So, if you are planning to get a new colour for your wall, a wallpaper, or other wall decorations, you might want to do this before installation.


7. The Details Of Your Room

Depending on your chosen furniture company, you might or might not get a professional measurement service. However, even if you do,
it is wise to pay extra attention to all the details your bedroom might have.

Does your bedroom include protruding skirting boards or coving details? Are there any electrical plugs in the designated space for the fitted wardrobe? Discuss these details when designing your fitted wardrobe, so you can get the necessary solutions.


8. Doors Are Your Most Important Part

The doors of your bespoke wardrobe are a very important design emphasis, and you will need to make sure that they are aligned well with the shape and size of your bedroom, overall interior feel and personal preference.

If you have a limited space, you can opt for sliding or folding doors to save room, which are also available in a wide variety of designs and material choices. Also, mirrored doors can help create the illusion of a larger space, so it will help with smaller bedrooms. It will also give you a functional mirror without sacrificing more space.


9. The Measurements You’ll Need

Again, depending on the furniture company, you might or might not get a professional measuring service. Yet, there are several important details that will help in designing your fitted wardrobe. First, determine whether you have a level ceiling height throughout your room. on both ends as well as the middle. If your ceiling is not level, you will need to make some adjustments to your wardrobe design.

Also, pay attention to the variations in floor level, as you might also need accommodations in the design.


10. The Interior Of Your Fitted Wardrobe

We often pay too much emphasis on the exterior of our wardrobe, but the inside of your wardrobe is just as important. First, you have to make sure that you have enough storage spaces according to your specific needs.

Also, choose the right display options that suit your exact needs and your fashion collection. Do you also need customised lighting? A bespoke wardrobe can provide you with just that. How many shelves will you need? Do you need any specialized ones? In short, make sure you have the right wardrobe interior to suit your exact needs.