London Bespoke Interiors Bespoke Joinery

Contact our professional design team today! No matter what room in your home you are looking to transform, each one of our skilled designers can create one-of-a-kind furniture that will complement the theme and accessories of that room. No matter which room in your home you would like to customize, we have the bespoke furniture to get the job done. We want to you to be informed on how our company works fr om the beginning concepts, right to the delivery of your furniture. Keeping you involved during the process ensures that you not only receive exceptional customer support, it will make sure you are getting exactly what you envision for your home. We want to have you involved through the 7-step process we take during the creation of your furniture:

1. Visiting Your Home

Soon after you contact our team, we send out one of our expert designers to accurately measure the rooms in your home. The designer will listen carefully to your desires and offer any advice if applicable.

2. Presenting The Initial Design

Once our developers have created a 3D design of your room, they will visit with you again to show you the plans. This is your opportunity to make changes or tell the designer you are ready to move forward. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, a final CAD drawing will be submitted for you approval and the sent to our manufacturing team.

3. Technical Survey

Once everything has been approved, our team will take a full survey for the purpose of manufacturing and then installation. This step will ensure that once the furniture is created, it fits perfectly in your room.

4. The Building Process

All pieces are hand crafted in our London factory with the latest technology and comprehensive machinery. We also use our own spraying facility to finish off the look of each piece we design.

5. Installing Your New Furniture

Once the room is prepared, our installers will arrive and install the furniture and inspect it to ensure that it fits perfectly as intended.

6. Completing The Project

We will arrive after the install to ensure everything is in working order and you are completely satisfied with the purchase.

7. Follow Up Care

Your designs are kept in our system permanently in the event you need advice or assistance in the future. We will be glad to help and offer any suggestions concerning any issue you have for the life of the furniture.