Furniture can be categorized as either free standing or built in. Free standing furniture is the most common. It is easy to place within a room, and it is flexible as it can be re-positioned at will. However, it is not necessary the most efficient in terms of use of space. Take, for example, a bookcase or a wardrobe sited within an alcove. However carefully coursed to fit, a free standing is unlikely to fill exactly the space that it occupies and this means that the use of space is not that efficient as it could be. In this example a fully stocked bookshelf or a wardrobe has a potential to be unstable. A built-in bookcase or a built in wardrobe will fit the space exactly, with no awkward and inefficient gap around and behind it, and as it is attached to the wall structure, it is safer than a free standing alternative. Built in bespoke furniture can create a very considered look within a space. Bespoke pieces of furniture allow for real freedom of expression within the design. There is no reason why free standing pieces should not also be considered. Although probably more costly that furniture sourced from stock bespoke fitted furniture will usually acquire the status of a family heirloom and their individuality can provide a compelling reason to arrange their manufacture. The designing and making bespoke furniture is not to be undertaken lightly, but the bespoke furniture that results can be very special answer to a need. As the car designer Ferdinand Porsche said, “In the beginning I looked around and could not find the car that I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself”.