Bespoke Kitchen and Bathroom Units

Both the bathroom and the kitchen are rooms in your home that are used frequently each day. Creating the designs in those rooms to match your personality and your style of the house is a great way to tie in everything together. Our team of expert designers understands that both kitchens and bathrooms can vary significantly in size. We can easily help you to utilize whatever space you have in those rooms so not only do the rooms look incredible, they will be functional as well. We have a huge variety of different bespoke kitchen cabinets, wall units, and many other storage components to help you utilize the space you have and create some additional storage space, thus maximizing the rooms potential.

Custom Made Kitchens

Regardless if you’re looking to create a modern or classic kitchen design, our bespoke kitchen furniture are created to compliment your kitchen and improve workability. Kitchen furniture can also be finished with a variety of styles to make your dream kitchen a reality. Our designers can create a sparkling white finish for that ultra modern style or wooden veneers for that old style classic look. Our designers can show you the perfect options to make your kitchen come alive and really impress you guests.

Bathroom Furniture Fitted Perfectly

Once you have identified how you want your bathroom to look, our design team will draw up plans and review them with you before any work is started. This will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the style before our craftsmen begin the real work. The reason our team needs to know in advance is because if your bathroom is fairly large, you will want us to create an environment that allows you to prepare yourself more easily each day. If the bathroom is small, the components of the design will need to be able to store more of your accessories so you have the maximum amount of space to move around freely. Bespoke storage spaces can give the room the appearance that it is much larger by hiding many of the things that tend to clutter up the room.

Other Bespoke Joinery from London Bespoke Interiors

Other than fitted bathroom furniture, our skilled craftsmen can create custom made furniture that can complement any room of the house. We have the knowledge and experience that can accommodate for any joinery work that needs to be done. Looking to have custom work done to your office or workspace or for your business to have custom bespoke furniture created? We would be happy to help! If you are looking to design a boardroom that represents your company and brand, then be sure to contact our design team today!