Terms and conditions as stated herein become a part of our quotation and will apply to the acceptance by LBI Ltd (herein known as LBI) of your order. All terms and conditions expressly specified herein shall render null and void any conflicting terms and conditions in any and all other contracts relative to this proposal.

1) Quoted prices are valid for 30 days. Project scheduling will begin upon receipt of 50% deposit. No work will be scheduled prior to receipt of 50% deposit for any reason.

2) Prices do not include LBI sales tax (VAT). LBI sales tax will be applied to all projects unless other arrangements have been made.

3) After deposit is paid, LBI will produce the following: AutoCAD 3D drawings with all the measurements and specifications of materials and finishes chosen. If it is not shown or addressed on the drawings or submittals provided, then LBI has not agreed to supply it. All manufacturing drawings and product samples must be agreed in writing via email before LBI will proceed with the manufacture of any project. Any detail relating to cabinet construction and installation that is not specifically discussed and documented will be performed at the discretion of LBI.

4) LBI’s finishes are among the most consistent available. Our multiple step technique combined with the careful selection of color matched woods and veneers ensure that the finished project will be as consistent as possible. However, since the properties of wood are not consistent themselves, we cannot ensure that each part of the project will look exactly alike, nor can we guarantee that the project will exactly match the initial sample. Therefore, LBI does allow for a range of color on its finished products. This acceptable color range may sometimes span several shades above or below the average shade for a stain/specie combination. Each project is entitled to one custom-made sample; additional samples will be charged between £20.00 and £50.00 + VAT per piece depending on finishes. All samples must be approved in writing via email before LBI will proceed with the finishing stage of any project.

5) Correction of Work: After the contract is substantially completed, a representative from LBI and the customer shall jointly inspect the work, sign the Certificate of Completion or a snagging list shall be prepared identifying all work to be completed or corrected. There shall be only one such written list of work identified to be incomplete or incorrect, and the customer shall sign the list. LBI shall then expeditiously complete all work stated on the list for which they are responsible in the terms of this Agreement. The customer shall not contract with any alternative contractor for the performance or completion of work within the scope of the Agreement, nor shall the customer claim a credit or back charge for the cost of completing an item stated on the written list, nor shall the customer occupy or use the stated work until and unless LBI is first given reasonable notice and opportunity to correct the work stated on the list referred to above. If the customer does contract with an alternate contractor to perform the list work or otherwise completes the project without first affording the above-described opportunity to LBI, or if the customer commences to use or occupy the space or work in which LBI performed work, the customer then agrees to accept all work “as is” and thereby waives any claim against LBI under the terms of the Agreement, including warranty claims.

6) LBI is not responsible for any plumbing, electrical, flooring, painting, decoration or other construction work unless specifically stated in the design specifications and construction details that are part of this agreement. LBI will not be held liable for reasonable damage to paint, wallcovering, floorcovering and ceiling materials associated with the installation of custom millwork.

7) Any time or date stated herein or otherwise identified by LBI or any of its agents or employees for shipment or delivery is intended as an estimate only. Exact date is given one week prior the installation.

8) Account balances not paid within one week of invoice date will be charged interest 4%pa above the Official Interest rate on the whole monies due, or any balance thereof. Manufactured products remain property of LBI until outstanding balance is paid in full.

9) LBI warranties, for a period of 5 years since the product is delivered from workshop, that the LBI product is free of any defects in workmanship or materials that might cause inadequate performance of the product in proper conditions of use and installation. Should the purchased product fails to operate properly by the time the present Warranty is in force, due to the arising of defects on its workmanship or materials, LBI will be obliged, depending on the arisen defect, to repair or to replace the defective product. The decision whether to repair or to replace the defective product will be held in every case only by LBI. LBI will perform all necessary labor to repair or replace all defective work at no cost to the customer, and will expeditiously act in good faith to secure replacement products or materials under warranty of products or services. Any warranty work performed during the warranty period does not extend the warranty any further than was previously stated in terms of the time from the date of the contract. All aspects of this warranty are void if a person or company other than LBI performs or re-performs any work within the scope of the warranty. The following are excluded from warranty by LBI: a) Accidents b) Negligent, improper or inadequate use c) Modifications or repairing attempts that were not been held by authorized personnel of LBI. d) Damages due to surge, floods, earthquakes, third parties actions, or any other reasons different to the standard use conditions of the product and that are out of the control of LBI.